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1938 Volkswagen 38 Beetle

22nd February 2013 Cat: Volkswagen (VW) with No Comments »

Late last year, I came across this old Volkswagen. The car was found in Lithuania last summer and saved. I contacted the gentleman who owns it now is more information on this interesting vehicle to get. His story is very unclear.

Dating of this car is only possible by the unique properties of surving. Unfortunately, all of the numbers are missing. The owner tells me it found a number on the car, but he’s not a strong suspicion is original. There is a chance the car was originally no paperwork, so a number and identity of the other car was assigned to. It so it could be registered, can be used on the road Apparently, it was registered as DKW and has a VIN number is much too long until one of the pre-war Volkswagen prototype.

1938 VW 38 Beetle - VW Cars

While production of the standard Beetle continued, as a Type 1 version of the Super Beetle, produced from year 1971 to 1979, offered MacPherson strut front suspension, better turning radius and more space in the front luggage compartment. The Super Beetle was improved in 1973 to a padded dashboard and a curved windshield belong.

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1938 VW 38 Beetle - VW Cars

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